Canoe Video

Canoe Videos

Launching and Landing a Canoe

You should never drag the canoe on the ground when launching or landing the canoe.


BSA Canoe training (basic info from Boy Scouts of America)

Path of the Paddle: Doubles Basic (Classic Canadian Film by Bill Mason)

Mastering the J Stroke

Ray Goodwin videos on canoe strokes (very good)

3 Golden Rules of Canoeing Technique (for efficiency)

Goon Stroke vs J-Stroke


Basic T-Rescue

Curl Rescue

Deep water rescue when there might be wind and waves.

A T-rescue can be difficult in this situation.

Four ways for a swimmer to get into a canoe

One person Self Rescue

Ray Goodwin Youtube Channel

I would argue Ray’s videos are some of the best instructional videos available. His language is clear and the channel offers videos on many canoe related topics.

Bill Mason Videos

Classic Bill Mason videos

Path of the Paddle Quiet Water

Path of the Paddle: Doubles Basic

Path of the Paddle: Solo Basic

Song of the Paddle

Path of the Paddle