In-Water OAS Skills

In Water Swimming OAS Skills With and without a PFD

Aquatics OAS

1.2. I can float for five seconds and glide for five metres on my front and back without assistance.
1.3. I can put my face in the water and blow bubbles.
1.6. I can get an object off the bottom in chest-deep water.
2.1. I can swim with my head in the water.
2.2. I can swim 10 metres (any stroke) without assistance.
2.5. I have snorkeled in a pool or open water (such as a lake).
3.4. I can put on a PFD while in the water and use the
HELP and Huddle positions.
3.5. I can swim 25 metres in a pool (using any stroke).

Paddling OAS

1.1. I can jump into chest-deep water with my Personal Flotation Device (PFD) on.
1.2. I can blow bubbles in the water for 10 seconds.

2.1. I can swim 25 metres with my PFD on.

3.1. I can swim 100 metres with my PFD on using any stroke.

4.1. I can demonstrate the HELP and Huddle positions while in the water wearing a PFD.

Sailing OAS

1.7. I can jump into chest-deep water wearing my PFD.

1.8. I can blow bubbles in the water for ten seconds.

2.12. I can swim 50 metres wearing my PFD.

3.14. While fully clothed and with a properly fitted PFD, I can tread water for five minutes, then swim 100 metres using any stroke.